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Why am I feeling frustrated?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Frustration comes as a result when we don't feel seen or heard. As a result, it causes us to turn inward and then somehow we become the source of the blame. We begin to inflict the anger, blame, and frustration towards ourselves instead of being a source of comfort and safety. We begin to feel alone and unwanted and eventually feel unworthy of love, which compounds our frustration. We perpetuate this faulty belief by what we say to ourselves. We then become our own inner enemy instead of an inner ally. We say things to ourselves like, “what’s the point?”, “nobody cares”, “ nothing I do matters“.

How do we end this vicious loop and stop feeling frustrated? By learning how to be a friend and ally to ourselves. Self Compassion teaches us how to be with our difficult emotions and be a source of comfort to ourselves. We can learn to cultivate care and loving kindness to ourselves by first, acknowledging how we feel. Second, validating the feeling‘s right to be there. And then we can move towards an action and talk to ourselves like we would speak to a friend going through a tough time. We can say things like, “I see you.”, “ how you feel matters”, “you matter”. Our own validation can go a long way in help us move through our frustration.

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